Graduate Council

Statement of Purpose

All graduate work is administered by the Graduate School under the direction of the Graduate Dean who is advised by the Graduate Council. The voting members of the council are eight Full Members of the Graduate Faculty, eight Graduate Directors, one from each college, a Faculty Senate representative, and a graduate student. Non-voting ex officio members are the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Graduate Dean, the Dean of the University Libraries, a representative of the Office of Admissions, a representative of the Immigration and International Office, and a representative of the Registrar's Office.


▼   2017-2018 Graduate Council Members
Dr. Susan Gordon-Hickey
Dr. Eric Loomis
Dr. Mark Taylor
Dr. Alex Sharland
Dr. Debra Chapman
Dr. Susan Santoli
Dr. Robert Cloutier
Dr. Kathy Bydalek
Dr. Barry Dale
Dr. Thomas Rich
Dr. Treena Finney
Dr. David Forbes
Dr. Bret Webb
Dr. Gayle Davidson-Shivers
Dr. Leigh Minchew
Dr. Tom Johnsten
Ms. Steffani Fitzpatrick
Dr. Sam Fisher
Dr. Harold Pardue, Chair and Graduate Dean
Dr. G. David Johnson, ex officio
Dr. Lorene Flanders, ex officio
Ms. Payton Marinello, ex officio
Ms. Kelly Osterbind, ex officio
Ms. LaSonya Toney, ex officio