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USA Research: At the Intersection of Ideas and Applications

Technology & Research Park

The University of South Alabama is fortunate to be strategically located in an international commercial hub providing unprecedented opportunities for scholars and students in our 10 schools and colleges to explore the frontiers of their fields.

USA's research efforts, in their extraordinary breadth and vigor, pay economic dividends that ripple throughout Mobile and the Central Gulf Coast region. Given the University's coastal location, its many innovations in marine science, coastal weather forecasting and research, coastal resilience and environmental fields are not surprising. USA researchers are also creating new nanomaterials, attracting the interest of Mobile's burgeoning aerospace industry.

At South, undergraduate and graduate students have opportunities to work with faculty researchers in a wide range of areas, from medical research, to engineering, to sociology to music. In addition, the Summer Undergraduate Research Program (UCUR) provides a limited number of summer research fellowships designed for rising University of South Alabama junior or senior students.

As the region's premier health care provider, USA continually generates medical research aimed at improving the quality of life. At the same time, USA's cybersecurity experts are working hard to stay ahead of the hackers. And at the University's Technology & Research Park, USA harbors a technology incubator for new tech businesses.

USA considers this synergy between research and economic development to be an obligation, not merely a fortunate byproduct of academic pursuits. Together, the University and the community it serves are building a significant regional innovation ecosystem.