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 "The College of Education and Professional Studies faculty is committed to supporting our students and collaborating with the community in order to prepare our graduates to meet the demands of their profession and exceed their professional goals. "  ~  Dean Andi M. Kent


Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Award Winning Faculty and Staff


Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award:

Dr. Nancy Gaillard

Faculty Excellence in Research Award:

Dr. Ryon McDermott

Faculty Excellence in Service Award:

Dr. Joe`l Billingsly


Dean's Award for Outstanding Contribution:

Mr. Josh Wooden


Gerry Jean Clark Exemplary Staff Award:

Mr. Darrell Bumpers



Dr. Brenda Litchfield

Dr. Nancy Gaillard

Mrs. Marie Entessar

Mr. Tim Adler

50 Honorees for 50th Anniversary
at College of Education and Professional Studies

2017 marks the College of Education and Professional Studies' 50th anniversary. The College wishes to shine a light on those friends, graduates, faculty and administrators who have caught the vision of a grand College and have been working tirelessly themselves and inspiring others to bring it to life. To you and all those who contributed to the impact and success of the College of Education and Professional Studies, we say THANK YOU! To know more about our Honorees, click here.

Mrs. Carolyn Akers

Dr. Damon Andrew

Mr. and Mrs. Travis and Susan Bedsole

Mrs. Lisa Bukstein

Dr. Thomas Chilton

Mr. Lewis Copeland

Dr. Mary Beth Culp

Dr. Jack Dempsey

Mr. Andrew Denny

Dr. Harold Dodge

Dr. Phillip Feldman

Honorable Vivian D. Figures

Mr. Michael Fletcher

Ms. Barbara Freeman

Honorable Victor and Mrs. Jeanne Gaston

Dr. William Gilley

The Family of Dr. J. Howe Hadley

Dr. Richard Hayes

Dr. Robert Heitman

Dr. Pamela Henson

Dr. Thomas Hewitt

Mr. Mark Hoffman

Mrs. Alane Hoffman

Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm and Corinne Howell

Mrs. Stephanie LeGrone

Mr. and Mrs. John and Catharine Long

Mrs. Eleanor Lynn McCain

The Family of Dr. John E. Morrow, Sr.


 Department of Leadership and Teacher Education

Dr. Peggy Delmas

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"I like to set an environment where we are exchanging information and ideas, we are working together; I learn from my students, they learn from me, and we learn from each other."

Dr. Peggy Delmas

Department of Counseling & Instructional Sciences

Dr. Joel Lewis

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"I believe we have to sort of tear down the walls of where we are and really go out and see what types of things we can do to help our community..."

Dr. Joe'l Lewis

Department of Health, Kinesiology & Sport

Dr. Christopher Keshock

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"If you combine all of the things we have here..., it becomes a nice mix for students to actually see what they are learning in the classroom and experiencing it out there at sport and recreation events."

Dr. Chris Keshock

 50 Student Stories for Our
50th Anniversary

To build awareness of the varied experiences and talents of our diverse College of Education and Professional Studies (CEPS) students and to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the College of Education and Professional Studies, Dr. Abbie Baxter and Dr. Paige Vitulli are kicking off a project to share the stories of 50 currently-­‐ enrolled, interesting, and thought-­‐provoking CEPS students.

Eligibility: CEPS Students (currently taking undergraduate or graduate classes in any program) may be nominated or nominate themselves through a nomination site.

  • Selection: Fifty Students will be selected, over the course of the year, based on the level of diverse experiences and the interest of their story. The students selected will be contacted for a photo shoot and interviewed to develop their story.
  • Story Publication: Stories will be published on our USA CEPS Web Page and through Social Media, such as Blogger, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Nomination: Please nominate your students with interesting stories and students may self-nominate. Students may share their information at the following survey site

Stay tuned and check our College of Education and Professional Studies web page often throughout the year for Fifty for Our 50th CEPS Student Stories.

 Drs. baxter and Vitulli

 For more information contact Dr. Abigail Baxter  ( or
Dr. Paige Vitulli  (